History: Alerion Technologies was founded in Munich (Germany) in 2014 and incubated at the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in Bavaria. Since the very beginning, the company has focused on providing autonomous robotics solutions for challenging weather conditions.

In 2016 the company established research and development facilities in Donostia – San Sebastian (Spain), while providing custom solutions to industrial firms. The company also has a presence in Colorado (United States) through partner offices.

Alerion Technologies comprises of an international group of engineers from various disciplines, and experienced business people. The team has extensive research and industry experience in UAVs, nanosatellites, underwater vehicles, planetary rovers, data processing, and piloting.

Philosophy: Alerion Technologies aims to provide turn-key solutions for customers that need unmanned systems to solve their problems. The company specialises in applications where the environmental conditions are challenging and difficult to operate in.

Our philosophy is to build custom solutions for each application, building the systems from the ground up. This allows us to optimise the hardware and software for each use case, seamlessly integrating existing and future technologies, while offering the best possible platform to the users.

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